Lucky Bat Books has published a few of my long-ago published short stories as little ebooks. Because I write different genres, I write under different names. CC is my dark side. The tales told under that name are dark, filled with fear, psychosis, and no small amount of violence.

With CC, I can explore the dark side of the mundane. From a staple remover to kangaroo rats, church candles to fortune cookies. Be it serial killers, mythological beasts, or the scariest creatures of all – seemingly normal people – there’s darkness everywhere.

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Better than Cats

The Cold Fall of Grace


The Caress of Ash and Cinder

A Pleasing Shape

The Nerve

The Nerve by CC Geddes

Better Than Cats by CC GeddesCold Fall of Grace by CC GeddesEmancipation by CC GeddesCaress of Ash and Cinder by CC GeddesA Pleasing Shape by CC Geddes

Cindie Geddes

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