January 16: Mmmmmm! Kisses. Lots and lots of kisses.

We were at a photo shoot for a local magazine (Family Pulse) hat wants to put Jason and I on the cover and then Jason, Joe and I on the interior. I suggested the playground because that was where Jason and I had our first kiss and it might be more fun than just two lovers sitting on a park bench looking into one another;s eyes.

Now, Jason and I have been married going on 24 years, and we’re both pretty happy about being together. We’ve even be friends for more than 3 decades.

We’re a happy couple, but there’s not a lot of kissing in our everyday life. Lots of other stuff, but not random kissing. So when the photographer had me hanging upside down on the ¬†monkey bars and kissing my husband, it was fun. At first I worried my belly tattoo was showing (it was). Or my face was turning red (it was) or my hair was funky (it was). ¬†But after a few seconds I was able to let it all go and just enjoy aiming for his lips. The simple act of kissing reminded me how much I like kissing him. Hell, it reminded me how much I like him. So we took many more shots than we needed, and I thoroughly enjoyed kissing this man I’ve known for most of my life.

That was a pretty nice day.

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