January 12: I’m not feeling very nice today. In fact, I’m feeling really bitter and cynical to the bone. Maybe because I have a cold and am really quite the big baby when I don’t feel good. And right now, in particular, being a big baby for a stupid head colds feels selfish and really wrong. I have friends going through real health issues and real crises and less hope than they deserve. I have a country dealing with real health issues and real violence and looking for some real healing. And all I want to do is curl up and watch back episodes of Oprah and pretend none of that exists. The only real niceness I can report today was not curling up and watching Oprah. I kept my commitments (well, most. I rescheduled my day in Joe’s class to Friday), whined less than usual (which is still a lot) and … well, that was it.

Category: Niceness
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  1. Des says:

    Okay, maybe this was a lesson in being kind to yourself. When we’re sick, we’re big babies, and deserve a little TLC…

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