January 9: I’m in San Francisco for the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl Game between Boston College and University of Nevada, Reno. Jason, my brother, my niece and I all went together, which was a blast because that’s just a fun group. My brother, Jason and I are all UNR alum; my niece is a student. We were decked out in our school colors, on the bus, in a city turned silver and blue by the onslaught of so many Nevadans, when my niece, Laura, realized she forgot her camera. She has started scrap booking and hasn’t been here, the city where her father and I were born, since she has been old enough to remember such things. I have a great portable camera, so I took the pictures all night. No grand act of charity or anything, just an evening viewing the world through a lens, trying to capture the moments a college student would want to remember. Her first bowl game. Her first time in the city. Enjoying father/daughter time. Running into friends. A streaker. A football player in desperate need of a bigger shirt. A winning score. A field filled with ecstatic fans. As usual, I found doing this small bit of niceness for my niece meant a whole lot of fun for me. I got to be a college girl again and just soak in that hopeful innocence. Really, a treat.

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