January 5: Helped Joe’s teacher figure out logistics of getting the class to a field trip, thanks again to Jason. (I may have to start excluding nice things I accomplish because of Jason).

Non-Jason related niceness: I made a UPS guy laugh. I was coming out of RadioShack, checking something on my phone, came out the door ┬ájust as he was stepping toward it. I looked up, saw the (cute) giant with packages up to his eyeballs (making the pile of packages taller than me), realized I’d been absorbed with something inconsequential on my phone and therefore not looking for niceness, and reached to hold the door open. But since I’d already cleared the doorway, that meant blocking the door. “Sorry!” I said. “Thanks, I got it.” He reached forward, realized he was reaching over my head, laughed and pulled his arm back. I tried to go around him and grab the door (panicking that I was missing a niceness opportunity), but he was too big. I stepped back, sideways, forward,all the while apologizing, while he stood still, arms up like I was a yappy dog he might trip over. Then he just started to laugh. “Sorry,” I said, blushing, I know, and stepped out of the way. He balanced the packages with one arm and deftly opened the door with the other. “That was one hell of an effort,” he said, smiling, as he went inside.

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