January 4: While at Wal-Mart I signed some piece of paper about deaf people and service dogs and gave the deaf guy with the clipboard $3. That’s not my niceness, though. My niceness was stopping some other (very big) guy who was heading angrily at the deaf guy complaining about him panhandling. You know that kind of angry that is coiled up and ready to pop someone in the mouth? That kind of angry. I stepped in front of him and said, all smiley and innocent, “No, no; he’s deaf. It’s for a service dog charity.” Now, I have no idea if the (very small) deaf guy was representing a charity. The sheet was just that holiday-border paper with a paragraph about service dogs and a Web address and then a column for names and donations. It didn’t look any kind of official to me. But I have no doubt that the deaf guy was indeed deaf. ¬†And I see no reason why he can’t do his thing even if it interrupts my pursuit of salty snacks and non-dairy creamer. I also think no one deserves to be physically assaulted because they’re asking for money. Yeah, I know, give a man a fish vs teach a man to fish, but I don’t think the big guy was willing to teach the little guy any useful skills. And really, neither was I.

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  1. Mabey we shouldn’t socialize

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