My son, Joe, stopped talking at age 2. We have no idea why. Hell, we didn’t even realize there was something wrong with that until we were talking to a nutritionist about a completely unrelated issue. We got him into the county’s early intervention program when he turned 3 (a wonderful wonderful program). Under the care and expertise of Miss Julie Cury, Joe started talking again and caught up quickly – and with a vengeance.

Because we were waiting so eagerly for him to begin talking again, and because I have a weird obsession with chronicling my life, I started writing down the funny or cute or weird or just uniquely Joe things The Joe said. Now, of course, I just post them on Facebook.

Here are the first 9 entries in The book of Joe:

1. I was lying on the couch with Joe lying on my chest. I’m not busty to begin with and was wearing a sports bra and tank top. Joe said, “Mama, where’s your booboos?” (9-9-04)

2. I asked Joe what color my eyes were. He said purple. (9-9-04)

3. I asked Joe what color his eyes were. He said orange. (Now that we know he’s color blind, this makes a lot more sense!) (9-13-04)

4. Typical exchange with Joe:

Me: Look, Joe, a crocodile.

Joe: No, alligator.

Me: No, Joe, that’s a crocodile.

Joe: No, alligator.

Me: No, Joe, really; it’s a crocodile.

Joe: No, alligator.

Me: Fine, it’s an alligator.

Joe: No, crocodile.

(9-11-04, though it could’ve been this afternoon)

5. One of Joe’s favorite phrases: “Whizzyme!” (translation: “Listen to me!”) (9-15-04)

6. Dana (a grown-woman friend), Jason, and I were sitting around talking. Joe went to the middle of the room, put his hand down the front of his pants, turned to Dana, and said loudly, “Where’s my hand?!” (9-18-04)

7. I came out of the bathroom and Joe said, “Whatcha doing, Mommy?”

I said, “I just went potty.”

He clapped and yelled, “Yay, Mommy! Good boy!” (9-28-04)

8. Leaving the Pumpkin Patch near the end of a very busy weekend. Joe and I were talking in the car. I mentioned his friends Will and Noah. Joe said, “No Will and Noah. Sit on couch.” I guess he was all done. (10-10-04)

9. It was 5:30 pm. Joe goes to Jason and says, “Night night!’ because he wants to play in his room.

Jason says no and asks Joe if he can get him some popcorn (as a diversion).

When Joe gets it, he brings it to Jason and asks, “Night night?”

Jason says no.

Joe takes the popcorn away and eats it in front of Jason very slowly and deliberately. He even holds pieces out to Jason before eating them. That’ll learn Daddy. (10-17-04)



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  1. Melissa says:

    Love this–and the actual outtakes from your notebook. Thanks.

  2. Charles Nemitz says:

    This is the best.

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