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Sometimes my brain gets hold of a knot and jiggles and plays with it until it unwinds into revelation. Sometimes I just end up with more knots. Sometimes my brain just gets bored and I fall asleep. These are some things that are knotting up my brain right now.

  1. The fact that my ankle still hurts makes me feel like a big baby.
  2. The fact that I keep having surgeries every year is starting to really piss me off.
  3. If I just stopped seeing doctors would I be a tough chick or an embarrassing cautionary tale?
  4. I know people who disagree with me on healthcare reform, global climate change and/or gay marriage think I’m stupid or mean (or evil). This would upset me if I didn’t have the same kneejerk reaction to them (except the evil part).
  5. I need to learn to be less judgmental.
  6. At what point is it OK to just say, “She started it!” and stop trying so damn hard to be civil?
  7. I don’t like the feel of paper, and the smell of old books doesn’t charm me as I think it should. This feels like a personal failing of huge proportions.
  8. When does tenacity turn pathetic?
  9. I love to write, so why don’t I do it more often?
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Cindie Geddes

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