1. Stop signs, stop lights, one-way streets? Not on a snow day.
2. When people shovel their driveways and front walkways and pile all the snow onto the sidewalk or into the street.
3. Double parking. We just don’t do that in Reno.
4. All those people usually arguing for smaller government and lower taxes are suddenly yelling for more snow plows and city employees to come shovel their sidewalks.
5. All those people usually preaching peace, love and understanding are suddenly yelling that people who don’t shovel their sidewalks should be killed. Or at least hobbled.
6. School gets canceled on the first day of snow, when it’s all pretty and not so bad to drive in. But the next day, when it’s icy and hazardous, school’s back on.
7. People start claiming that there can’t be global climate change if there’s snow in their neighborhood.
8. People start clearing the grocery store shelves in anticipation of some sort of new ice age.
9. People yelling at others for disobeying all kinds of rules, even though they are doing the same things.

Disclaimer: I know there are reasons for much of this behavior. People are stressed, not used to snow driving, don’t realize that it snows in Reno (and sometimes even sticks for a few days), cannot physically shovel snow, don’t realize that sidewalks are the homeowner’s responsibility, and no one quite knows what to do with school closures during a storm expected to inconvenience for one day but lasts for four – I get all this. What I don’t get is the absolute sense that one person’s concerns, fears, physical abilities, or what have you, supersede those of every other person in town.

Joe readies to take on some social disorder of his own.

Joe readies to take on some social disorder of his own.

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  1. Patrick Siar says:

    Great posting here, thanks. I worked in Reno for many years and I still miss it. My girlfriend got me a really cool mug to remind me of my favorite town. God bless her for that.

  2. Des says:

    CATEGORY 9 snowfall! Zounds, wish I was there! Even if it means shoveling–
    btw, I feel rather special being infamous on your blogroll!

    • Cindie says:

      You are special, of course.

      I love snow here. We still have snow everywhere. It’s been white for more than a week. I love it when it’s all white and fluffy, when it’s ice, slush, mud. I even like shoveling it. Snow is all good. People, not so much. But snow is good. I hope it stays until Christmas. At least.

  3. Wolf says:

    quite simply: agreed. On all aspects and points you made on all behalfs.

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