Hi! I’m Cindie Geddes. Don’t expect anything fancy from my site; I’m not a fancy kind of gal. This site is just a place for me to write whatever I want about whatever I want whenever I want.

Some of it will be that thinky-feely stuff. Some will be advice.Some will be news about my career,  such as it is.Some will just be random shit from my life — past and present.

Some will be utter lies. Feel free to guess what’s true and what’s not.

There will be typos. Might as well be honest about that from the get-go.

Lucky Bat Books

Oh, this is fun! My friend Judith Harlan and I started a press — Lucky Bat Books —  our own lance to go tilting at publishing windmills. Our idea, at its simplest, was to gather together a group of people with expertise in every area a writer would need to get a book from idea to electrons and/or print. We’ve got editors, proofreaders, designers, artists, SEOs, Web experts, publicity folk, marketing gurus, cheerleaders, handholders, and even an attorney. We’re just a group of experts all working under the wing of Lucky Bat.

We choose the books we consider to be in keeping with our vision (which is very very wide) and publish them. (People who want to publish their own book can pay for any or all of our services — for a little more). But the writer chooses what services he or she needs. It’s just a big menu.

And the revolutionary part? No royalties. Everything a writer pays for at Lucky Bat Books is a service, we don’t take anything off the top (or the bottom, middle, side). It’s all simple and upfront. Once your book is up (in the case of e-books) or out (in the case of print books), we’re out. All the money goes straight to the writer. Forever.

Flying Hand Writing Services

For the past 14 years I’ve run Flying Hand Writing Services. I’ve sold around 300 articles, 14 short stories, a couple of essays, a couple of poems, something like 11 ghostwritten books, and a handful of nonfiction book proposals. I’d love to say everything I’ve written has sold, but it hasn’t. Hell, tons of it has never left my house. Some of it stays shivering in boxes in dark places in my office, scared of just the light of day. But some has ventured out into the world under my name or someone else’s, in English (Queen’s and American), Spanish, French, and Japanese.

Editor-ing (because being an editor is nothing like being someone who edits)

I’ve been editor for three magazines and done some other editory stuff (assistant editor? associate? contributing?), but I can’t remember the titles I had. Doesn’t matter. It just means I checked for typos and grammar mistakes — the same kind I make myself but can’t see in my own work.


I’ve long made my living in the world of freelancing — editing, ghostwriting of nonfiction books, formatting and placement of e-books, and writing articles. I liked this as a job because it’s pretty cool to be able to take someone else’s passion and corral, coerce, or massage it into a book or article. It’s a trip to watch someone get excited about a subject I’ve never even thought about (voice lessons, real estate investment, weight loss, whatever) and end up transferring that excitement to me as I learn what that person has to teach. Given enough detail, there are no dull subjects. Lucky Bat Books lets me take all that one step further and get the words out in front of readers.


I also do some teaching and speaking about creativity and writing. While that always makes me nervous enough to pass out, the energy I get watching people discover their own ideas through their own words  is like an electrical current I get to tap into for weeks (sometimes months) after.

Just Me

As for the personal stuff: I’m 44, married to Jason for 24 years. We have one son (age 10) named Joe (though he prefers Joseph right now), two cats, three dogs, three fish, and a frog. Except the frog, there’ll probably be lots about everyone else. It’s not that I don’t like the frog; it’s just that he has attitude and won’t sign the release forms. (Update: The frog didn’t make it. I don’t think. He’s gone, but his body was never recovered. I won’t say it’s because he wouldn’t sign the form, but …)


I can usually be found in The Comfy Chair at home in Reno. But if you don’t feel like making the trip to the Biggest Littles City, try me at: or

I’m also on Twitter as CindieGeddes (seeing a pattern here?)

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Cindie Geddes

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